SKS 1300 is an advanced log saw for smaller sawmills. It is a new type of log saw that differs to other saw machines, since the log bench is fixed and the blade unit is mobile.

    • The machine is very flexible. It can handle both deciduous and coniferous logs in lengths between 2.4 to 6.1 meters. The average height is maximum 500 mm.
    • The machine is tested at delivery and ready for operation. The cabling for steering is equipped with plug in contacts.
    • Modern and robust technique in simple but efficient solutions. Operated with joystick and buttons from a comfortable workplace.
    • Mobile blade unit result in a compact machine. That brings smaller built in dimensions without abandoning the service friendliness.
    • The carts unique operation unit and efficient blade steering, and the very stable tripod, ensures good measurement accuracy.
    • Fast and distinct positioning. No unnecessary waits at blade returns.